Why Tracfone phones are right for you - Tracfone Cell Phones

Tracfone has been chosen by nearly 10 million people because only Tracfone lets you design your cell phone to suit your life. It's like being the boss of your own tracfone cell phone company. All with no tracfone contracts.

  • Tracfone phones is the proven leader in prepaid wireless in the US. Tracfone is a subsidiary of America Movil. Tracfone has more cellular customers than AT&T and Verizon combined. 
  • Tracfone phones use the networks of major regional and national wireless carriers. Tracfone has a vast national coverage area so you can make calls from almost anywhere in the US. 
  • Tracfone phones has the best brand name phones from top manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, Kyocera and Lg. 
  • Tracfone phones offers three convenient ways to get minutes and days of service: pay as you go, annual plans and monthly plans without contracts.  

Don't have a cell phone?

Tracfone is low cost to get prepaid phone plan and low cost to maintain.


Tracfone is for everyone - affordable, reliable and easy to use.


Select a Tracfone phone, buy and add airtime and you are ready to go.


Top name phones and airtime options to fit every lifestyle

Phones for less than $10 and talk for less than $20 every three months.


Why spend hundreds of dollars with those others for minutes you may never use?

Don't get stuck paying $175 or more for cancellation fees with other companies or get shocked by high monthly bills.

Teach your kids how to budget and control their spending.


Trac fone is perfect for you and your family. You don't ever have to worry about overspending or unexpected high cell phone bills.


In today's world you never know when an emergency will occur. Be prepared. With Trac fone, you'll have the safety and convenience of reliable cell phone service that's ready when you need it.


Get a Trac fone today and join the millions who know that Tracfone Is the best choice in prepaid Wireless phone plans in the US Today.





If you have a contract cell phone plan

Paying $40, $50 or more a month for a contract plan and only use you phone once in a while?


Getting surprised by cell phone bills for amounts and charges you don't understand?


Being locked into two-year contracts with a $175.00 cancellation fee?


Having to pay overage charges of as much as $0.45 per minute?


Tracfone offers complete control over your cell phone costs plus maximum flexibility. 


No contracts, no monthly bills, no credit checks, no activation fee, no overage charges, no cancellation fee - no kidding!  


Switch to Tracfone and join the millions of savvy Tracfone users that enjoy the cell phone that puts them in control every day!


If You have a prepaid cellphone

We sell you minutes (not dollar amounts). With Tracfone you always know how many minutes you are really going to get.


Our patented Tracfone airtime balance display shows you how many minutes you have remaining and your service end date. So you can manage and control your usage.


Flexible Tracfone airtime options - easy to get, easy to maintain.


Brand name Tracfone phones starting at $14.99.


Benefit from our Tracfone money-saving unlimited carry over of minutes and service days.


Those others -- don't even offer it. All the minutes and days of service you buy are added to what you already have on your Tracfone with active service.


Switch to Tracfone today and begin enjoying all the benefits, savings and convenience that only Tracfone offers.



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